Autumn Top Fashion Pick

This season it’s very clear what the hot wardrobe item is, so this autumn you can ditch the oversized jumpers and get yourself a check blazer. Spotted everywhere at New York fashion week, on and off the runway, we can tell that this mundane item will be the fashion statement piece of Autumn/Winter 2017.  A good blazer is a fundamental piece of your wardrobe and can really bring an outfit together – most importantly they come in all shaped, sizes and prices to suit everyone’s style and budget.

It will bring a level of sophistication to your work wardrobe without feeling dull and plain, you can use it to change your casual look to a fashion forward one and it can also be a perfect accompanying jacket to your date night outfit.

Our top pick is a ‘mens’ style blazer from H&M, with a longer shape it can work as your blazer or your jacket. It incorporates 3 colours within the check pattern and you can get it now for only £34.99. Shop the Single Breasted Jacket from H&M HERE.

Single-breasted jacket - Grey/Dogtooth patterned - Ladies | H&M GB


Not only have we managed to find you the only item you should buy this autumn but we have put together an outfit to go with it.  We’ve gone for a casual style that includes the hottest trends right now, with the colours and shapes we’ve used and pairing it with the jacket you will have yourself a simple and stylish look.     T-SHIRT   JEANS   BOOTS    BAG

Printed jersey top - White - Ladies | H&M GB


Skinny High Ankle Jeans - Denim blue - Ladies | H&M GB

Boots - Burgundy - Ladies | H&M GB

Suede shoulder bag - Mustard yellow - Ladies | H&M GB 1




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