On my shopping list for 2018

New year, same you… but better clothes.

We’ve already seen some new trends moving in at the end of 2017 but here’s some top picks for trends that are set to be a big hit in 2018.


Sequins… and lots of it! December is definitely the party season and we saw glitter everywhere, it makes a come back every December but this year the sequin trend will carry on even into daytime fashion. By adding a sequin version of what would be a basic everyday outfit gives you that bit more of a fashion forward look, such as pairing a plain white t with the ASOS Black midi sequin skirt

Screenshot (2)



Another style predicted to be big in 2018 is sheer. Sheer skirts, sheer shirts, sheer dresses… sheer everything.
Sheer and chiffon are materials which are very easy to wear, can be made casual but can be easily transformed into a going out look and depending on what you pair them with they can be ready for work wear or to hit the high streets with the girls.

The first pick we have is the sheer shirt. Shirts are everywhere and can be used within any outfit. This sheer shirt from MISSGUIDED can be paired with a cute bralet for going out or even to add to your shopping with the girls outfit or it could be paierd with a simple vest ready for work. With the pattern you could even get away with just having your normal underwear! With a print it always means that you don’t have to dress up the outfit further.

Screenshot (3)


The final pick is the sheer skirt. In some styles this is a bold move but in other versions of the skirt its a cute flowy skirt ready for the spring summer trend. The cut of a sheer skirt always keeps the shape interesting so there isn’t much need to dress up the outfit or be bothered about it being 1 plain colour. Much like the shirt they can be worn at work, dress up your high street look or ready to party. These picks from BOOHOO can work with many styles its more about your personal preference and how much skin you dare to bare. Both are available in a few colours which would match different styles of tops to fit everyone’s taste.

Left     Right

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