Christian Siriano 10th Anniversary

With the start of New York fashion week and the fashion month, Christian Siriano celebrated his 10th anniversary in fashion with his Fall 2018 collection on the runway. From bright colour blocking to dark and sparkling his catwalk show was more like a greatest hits than a collection but it was more for the fans than the designer.

To be able to edit down through years of hard work and well loved signature styles into 1 individual show is a huge challenge but when pulled off means you really understand what your brand is about.

For Siriano this meant ladylike silhouettes and separates, sparkling gowns and faux-fur. As a designer he has always been ahead of the curve with body-positive fashion and this show was no different, with a mixed range of models, ‘people are people’ his mantra, was presented on tote bags and he even gave a nod to the #MeToo campaign.

The collection was a great way to celebrate the 10 year anniversary and it only produces optimism for what more he can bring to fashion.

My own illustration of a few samples from his 10 year anniversary show.

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