AVID fashion is literally what it says on the tin. I am passionate about all things fashion.
Whether it’s an outfit or book, a person or runway show, a fabric or even art, at AVID fashion I want to think about it, talk about it, create it, celebrate it!

I’ve suffered severely from eczema as an adult and not only is there not much help out there but it makes you feel helpless in yourself. The AVID brand is about looking good and feeling good. It’s about creating clothes that I want to wear, people want to wear, hopefully creating and styling clothes that you want to wear. It’s about being comfortable and covered when you need to be without sacrificing your style.

There are so many things that can cause eczema from allergies to hormones and vitamins, even stress, pollution and contact with chemicals.
Using eco and organic fabrics not only helps with your eczema but it means that the fabric is made form natural fibres. With GOTS certification the fabrics or raw materials must not be in contact with  toxic chemicals and chlorine based dyes. Most organic and eco fabrics are also from sustainable and fair trade businesses. Not only are saving your skin but you’re saving the planet – and helping with fair wages and living conditions!

I want to inspire, connect, celebrate and support artists, designers and practitioners within the fashion industry whist sharing and writing articles on relevant topics.
I want to help raise awareness on eczema and where possible give advice and keep us all looking fabulous – yay!
So if you just enjoy reading my posts as much as I love writing them, or you’re a budding designer with a voice to be heard and a vision to be seen – save our skin, save our planet

To find out more about the criterias of GOTS certified fabric click here