Eat Sleep… Rave Review

Rave Review are an up and coming fashion company created by recent grad students Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schuck less than a year ago. Their first collection was shown along side Swedish Fashion Now at Paris Fashion week.
The whole idea of the company is to reuse and repurpose household textiles and current garments, but it’s not just upcycling, it’s high end fashion.

Sustainable practices within the fashion industry is something that is definitely on the rise but it’s still early days. Josephine has always been interested in fashion that can change the society and between herself and Livia they both share a vision for sustainability within fashion. They both felt that there was a gap between the sustainable fashion and the high end fashion – and they are definitely on their way to closing that gap. Even though they are creating more high end clothing they are committed to keeping the brand small and exclusive so they can stay true to the concept.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 14.30.11

Their range is not yet available for retail but there are plans to grow into this sector in the future. The brand has been worn by many Swedish celebrities, influencers and bloggers. They have also featured in this months Vogue after creating a dress to celebrate Earth Day.
For their Autumn / Winter collection they repurposed lace tablecloths into dresses and wanted to explore using household textiles more. The dress created for Vogue was made in lace, dyed green and cut with a high neckline and asymmetric hem. The shape is created by draping giving the dress an elaborate and regal feel. By working with recycled textiles and clothing the girls of Rave Review really are bring the vintage style into the modern day.

Want to see more like this? Take a look at the Rave Review Instagram page.

Beauty is Sustainable

At the start of this week we celebrated Earth day and what better way to celebrate it than to celebrate the brands that are hard at work being sustainable, eco friendly, animal friendly and ethical. Fashion and beauty brands are slowly using more organic and natural materials, fairly trading with suppliers and saving the planet while they’re at it.

Steorra Beauty is definitely the new brand to watch out for. The Instagram based business, soon to be available to the public is creating highly pigmented, cruelty free, vegan and biodegradable cosmetics!
Sammy Broadbent, CEO and founder says “Beauty is unique, creative and being true to yourself. Steorra Beauty believes that everyone should awaken their inner shine, while being compassionate towards animals and the environment.”


Whether you are into a straight up glitter festival look or you have a more subtle cut crease style in mind Steorra Beauty is the brand for you. There have been some amazing looks that have already been created by talented makeup artists that have been working with Steorra Beauty products, just showing how high quality and pigmented they are.


Steorra aren’t the only company doing great things for their brand, Mango has set itself the target of having 50% of the cotton they source to be sustainable by 2022. The third collection from Mango to be made from sustainable fabrics is going to be launched as part of the Take Action programme, which aims to increase the use of sustainable fabrics and contribute to a circular economy. Read more about MANGO’s collection and Take Action programme on their website.

Other beauty and clothing brands to keep in mind when you want to shop consciously are Herbivore Botanicals, the husband and wife beauty brand that was started in their Seattle kitchen, using non-toxic, all active ingredients.  P.i.C style a brand who carefully select their fabrics, so you know who, how and where your clothes are made. Their fabrics are organic, sustainable and locally sourced. Nothing is mass produced and  every piece of their contemporary collection can be worked into other outfits so all their clothes are interchangeable, and what fashionista doesn’t want a wardrobe like that!


Want to see more like this? Take a look at the Steorra Beauty Instagram Page.

Wendelborn Whites

White jeans have always been a risky wear. They always feel too pristine to be worn, not to mention that wearing white is definitely a thing for the summer when you have that sun kissed skin to pull it off.

Wendelborn may have just given us all the answer with their new White Combo Crop Flare Jeans. These jeans are not only white… but 2 shades of white! Colourblocking layers of white and ‘natural’ white together to create a two toned white jean. Feeling more wearable now!

These straight legged cropped jeans have a great shape to compliment any shoe , not to mention with it being a white jean you can match it with any colour or pattern top.
The high-waisted fit only adds to the reasons why I love the style of these jeans.
Take a Look!

wendelborn whites

If you’re looking for a similar pair or even just  being brave enough to shop for white jeans on the high street our top picks are TOPSHOP MOTO white Joni jeans,
URBAN OUTFITTERS BDG Ecru Straight Leg Jeans and for online our top pick is from ASOS with their Tommy Hilfiger White Skinny Jeans.

Vivienne Westwood 30 years on…

It has been 30 years since Vivienne Westwood appeared on Wogan with her collection and the audience laughed at the show… but Westwood had the last laugh

Vivienne Westwood has made an international impact on the fashion industry, from punk to clothing that parodied the upper class and clothing inspired by historical garments and the royal family, her designs are instantly recognisable globally.

Westwood’s designs are different to say the least but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t powerful and inspiring. When her collection was shown on Wogan it was one of the first times high fashion was shown to such a large mainstream audience. Paris fashion week was not massively publicised to those outside of the fashion industry within the 80s, so high fashion or avant garde clothing  had not received a large mainstream public reaction. Now we see clothing inspired by her work everywhere we go, even items, shapes and materials seen on that very show in 1988. Re-invented corsets, people’s own take on the ‘mini-crini’, punk high fashion and lots of tweed.

vivienne westwood wogan

Westwood had once said, “People say my clothes are about sex but, at the end of the day, they are always heroic” and that’s exactly what Vivienne Westwood is, a heroine in fashion. Her collections are a work of art, impeccably made and look good together. Westwood always has a strong cohesive collection and a clear vision of who she is and what her work is about.

vivienne westwood 2Vivienne Westwood SS18 collection WEBSITE

Christian Siriano 10th Anniversary

With the start of New York fashion week and the fashion month, Christian Siriano celebrated his 10th anniversary in fashion with his Fall 2018 collection on the runway. From bright colour blocking to dark and sparkling his catwalk show was more like a greatest hits than a collection but it was more for the fans than the designer.

To be able to edit down through years of hard work and well loved signature styles into 1 individual show is a huge challenge but when pulled off means you really understand what your brand is about.

For Siriano this meant ladylike silhouettes and separates, sparkling gowns and faux-fur. As a designer he has always been ahead of the curve with body-positive fashion and this show was no different, with a mixed range of models, ‘people are people’ his mantra, was presented on tote bags and he even gave a nod to the #MeToo campaign.

The collection was a great way to celebrate the 10 year anniversary and it only produces optimism for what more he can bring to fashion.

My own illustration of a few samples from his 10 year anniversary show.


This week on February 6th we celebrated 100 years since women (well some) were granted the right to vote.

When we were granted the right to vote it was only for women over 30, women who owned property or women who were married to someone who owned property. 10 years later in 1928 is when all women 21 and over (Voting age at that time) were allowed to vote.

We have come a long way in 100 years, however we still have changes to make. In some countries and cities women still can’t vote, there are still issues with the gender pay gap, women are still being exploited, their voices aren’t yet being heard enough. So it’s time to stand up girl and raise that voice of yours!

Women MPs delivering a a petition of 80,000 signatures supporting equal pay for women to the House of Commons in March 1954. Left to right, Dr Edith Summerskill MP for Fulham West, Patricia Ford ,Barbara Castle (Blackburn) and Irene Ward (Tynemouth).
JPWW19 Women MPs delivering a a petition of 80,000 signatures supporting equal pay for women to the House of Commons in March 1954. Left to right, Dr Edith Summerskill MP for Fulham West, Patricia Ford ,Barbara Castle (Blackburn) and Irene Ward (Tynemouth).

That doesn’t mean that we don’t have cause to celebrate though. We are making changes, we are fighting back and slowly results are being seen. Women are playing major rolls in businesses, even starting their own, there are more strong female leads within the cinema, theatre and music, we are writing books, doing jobs, sharing our stories, we are seeing a growth of female role models  within the limelight and their voices are being heard, giving us hope that ours will be too. We are finally being recognised for our hard work, determination and success rather than looks and family life.

It has been predicted that it will take 217 years to close the gender gap – world wide. Iceland being the most gender equal country still has only closed 87.8% of the gender gap. the UK are in 15th place with 77%. With the changes in the world such a Donald Trump as the president of the United States and 3rd world countries being in the midst of a war the predicted time to close the gender gap is only growing. Just by having Donald Trump as President the USA dropped to 45th place on the list of countries closing the gender gap.

But look what we have achieved in 100 years! It may not seem like a lot is changing today but when you look back at how far we’ve come we know that it is possible. We are seeing marches, we are seeing success, we are seeing people uniting together to create an equal world. People are saying that the future is female, and yes we are definitely being recognised, but the future is female, the future is equal.

votes for women

Pinspiration 06.02.18

This week my pins have reflected quite a basic pallet, there have been a lot of whites and pastel colours.  It’s like a fresh start on my pinterest. January is not a month for fresh starts and resolutions, everyone is tired, skint and more often than not have a few extra pounds from Christmas. The days feels long and we live in the dark, its a sad side to winter. February is the better month to start fresh and start resolutions, when the day light returns, people seem to be back in routines and if they have taken a resolution they have either given up for good or finally got into the habit of it.

January is a trial month for the year, a month to figure out your routine again, February is where it all begins.

pinspiration 06.02.18

Dior Spring 2018 Couture

The Dior Haute Couture show was not to be missed, it was weird and wonderful all at once with a mixture of  surrealism and high fashion.

Maria Grazia Chiuri’s research on Leonor Fini took her to the avant-garde surrealism we saw on the catwalk. Fini used clothes and extravagant headdresses to “produce” her identity and this was reflected in the clothes and the set.

With the rise of the #MeToo campaign and Hollywood wearing black for award season and red carpet events the feminist research that went on for the show seems fitting with the times, as did the whole look of the set, the catwalk and the clothing.

As fabulous as the collection is we luckily have the high street on our backs and here are some top picks to fit in with the Dior Spring Couture vibe.

This tailored jumpsuit from BOOHOO for £28

2018-02-04 (1)

This high waisted stripe skirt from ASOS for £38



Sophia Amoruso is an idol of mine, not for the free-spirited ‘badass’ character that is portrayed in the Netflix series or because she is involved in fashion, but because she works hard for her success.

Understandably the title does put some people off reading the book – or open the beginning of the bad reviews – due to the cliché nature of the statement. Plus the hashtag in some peoples eyes screams ‘millennial’ and somehow millennials have been subjected to being branded with some bad stereotypes surrounding our ideas about the world and about work.

However the book itself is a brilliant read, it’s enlightening, funny and definitely has its motivating moments. It’s a half bio/memoir, half amusing guide to how you can work hard and be successful creating something, whether that be for a business, a greater purpose or just for yourself. Her story is fascinating, how she can go from a high school drop out, unemployed dumpster diver to owning her own successful business and now also being the founder of GirlBoss, a foundation and media base with everything for the working woman within the creative sector. Seriously girls… go check it out!

By no means is this book a story of success that everyone can follow, it definitely does not encourage dropping out of school – Sophia herself is always encouraging people to NOT follow her early steps – as amusing as her antics are.
Her book is not about a quick rich scheme or going about working on your own, it’s about how she found something she loved, and worked hard turning it into something amazing and all the great life and working lessons she learned along the way.


Because of the not so great Netflix viewings (I for one loved the series) and the type of person people assume Sophia Amoruso is due to her past and character portrayal in Netflix, people are quick to judge and throw out the bad reviews about the clichés, the millennial feel to the story, the fact that Nasty Gal had to be bought out but I feel they’ve missed the whole point of the book itself!

From the Netflix series the character is portrayed as a pouty, swearing young girl who seems to get lucky and get away with the things she has done in the past, however remember this is a drama and only uses the idea of the story to make the show, they don’t follow it fact for fact. The real story is about how a young girl didn’t enjoy and didn’t quite fit to the ‘social norm’ that the education and work system expected at that time. Yet she found something she was good at doing, in her own way, in her own time. Because she found something she loved so much and found she was good at it she put all her time and effort into it. It shows how whether you have a brilliant education or no education at all if you’re willing to put in the work and the hours you can achieve success.

Vanity Fair has said about the story “you can’t exactly be an asshole genius if you’re not a genius to begin with” but she never admits to knowing anything, Sophia openly talks about how she had to learn it all along the way, making mistakes and changing strategies. She had no education or understanding of business when she started but because she trough herself into every aspect of how a business works she now understand the best ways to run it, so they couldn’t be further away from what her story and her book is about.

In current times women are standing up for themselves, making leaps in careers, working hard and doing it for themselves. This book should be celebrated because she is promoting women working hard and being recognised for that. That is what a GIRLBOSS is being about. Its educating yourself, getting involved, setting goals, working hard and being recognised for your work and determination.

Being a GIRLBOSS isn’t fashion and sass, its about leading, being a feminist, equality, knowing when to play by the rules and when to push the boundaries to make strides in your career, personal life or within the world.

Her book is about finding that thing you love, that thing that doesn’t make work feel like working and if you’re good at it, then make something of it and make yourself proud.

Pinspiration 16.01.18

This week has been a long week, and it’s only Tuesday! It’s the miserable part of winter (post Christmas) where its cold and dark with slush (not wonderful snow!) on the ground, back at work , it was even officially blue Monday yesterday.

All thats been on my mind has been getting home, putting on some knits and getting cosy. My pins this week have been driven by this feeling so here’s a sneak peak at what has been inspiring me this week.

pinspiration 16.01.18

On Sunday we wore black

Last week it was time for the Golden Globes and we were all ready for the glitz the glam and the gowns. But this year we saw a change, and that change was black. Wearing black was a powerful symbol of solidarity against sexual harassment within the industry.
Protest dressing is something that we have seen more and more of over the years and it seems to be a good tactic to engage the public with the influence that fashion and the people involved have over society today.
After seeing so many images of black gowns all over the media I decided that my influence for this weeks illustration would just be that colour, black. Black is a hard colour to sketch and paint with unless you show texture or interesting shapes and forms so I opted for a 2 piece with a sheer skirt and a feathered neckline on  halter.


On my shopping list for 2018

New year, same you… but better clothes.

We’ve already seen some new trends moving in at the end of 2017 but here’s some top picks for trends that are set to be a big hit in 2018.


Sequins… and lots of it! December is definitely the party season and we saw glitter everywhere, it makes a come back every December but this year the sequin trend will carry on even into daytime fashion. By adding a sequin version of what would be a basic everyday outfit gives you that bit more of a fashion forward look, such as pairing a plain white t with the ASOS Black midi sequin skirt

Screenshot (2)



Another style predicted to be big in 2018 is sheer. Sheer skirts, sheer shirts, sheer dresses… sheer everything.
Sheer and chiffon are materials which are very easy to wear, can be made casual but can be easily transformed into a going out look and depending on what you pair them with they can be ready for work wear or to hit the high streets with the girls.

The first pick we have is the sheer shirt. Shirts are everywhere and can be used within any outfit. This sheer shirt from MISSGUIDED can be paired with a cute bralet for going out or even to add to your shopping with the girls outfit or it could be paierd with a simple vest ready for work. With the pattern you could even get away with just having your normal underwear! With a print it always means that you don’t have to dress up the outfit further.

Screenshot (3)


The final pick is the sheer skirt. In some styles this is a bold move but in other versions of the skirt its a cute flowy skirt ready for the spring summer trend. The cut of a sheer skirt always keeps the shape interesting so there isn’t much need to dress up the outfit or be bothered about it being 1 plain colour. Much like the shirt they can be worn at work, dress up your high street look or ready to party. These picks from BOOHOO can work with many styles its more about your personal preference and how much skin you dare to bare. Both are available in a few colours which would match different styles of tops to fit everyone’s taste.

Left     Right

Autumn Top Fashion Pick

This season it’s very clear what the hot wardrobe item is, so this autumn you can ditch the oversized jumpers and get yourself a check blazer. Spotted everywhere at New York fashion week, on and off the runway, we can tell that this mundane item will be the fashion statement piece of Autumn/Winter 2017.  A good blazer is a fundamental piece of your wardrobe and can really bring an outfit together – most importantly they come in all shaped, sizes and prices to suit everyone’s style and budget.

It will bring a level of sophistication to your work wardrobe without feeling dull and plain, you can use it to change your casual look to a fashion forward one and it can also be a perfect accompanying jacket to your date night outfit.

Our top pick is a ‘mens’ style blazer from H&M, with a longer shape it can work as your blazer or your jacket. It incorporates 3 colours within the check pattern and you can get it now for only £34.99. Shop the Single Breasted Jacket from H&M HERE.

Single-breasted jacket - Grey/Dogtooth patterned - Ladies | H&M GB


Not only have we managed to find you the only item you should buy this autumn but we have put together an outfit to go with it.  We’ve gone for a casual style that includes the hottest trends right now, with the colours and shapes we’ve used and pairing it with the jacket you will have yourself a simple and stylish look.     T-SHIRT   JEANS   BOOTS    BAG

Printed jersey top - White - Ladies | H&M GB


Skinny High Ankle Jeans - Denim blue - Ladies | H&M GB

Boots - Burgundy - Ladies | H&M GB

Suede shoulder bag - Mustard yellow - Ladies | H&M GB 1




Inside Vogue: Book Review

Alexandra Shulman is a real inspiration of mine, if I could spend a day in anyone’s shoes it would be hers. I would highly recommend this book to any fashionista, writer, entrepreneur, woman, man or Vogue enthusiast – basically everyone.
Even though she is in the heart of the fashion world she is most definitely a journalist above everything else. She is less cliche in her writing and more rich, honest and too the point, she writes with sophistication but that said you can feel the warmth and the heart she puts into her work and her writing.

She knows her readers, understands the market and most importantly she understands the heritage of Vogue. Her life seems to be a whirlwind of meetings and dinners, fashion shows and events; it all seems so exciting and Vogue is a serious passion of hers but you can also see the amount of work, time and thought she dedicates to Vogue.
You join her for the emotional ride that is Vogue’s 100th year and you really feel part of the process, from planning the gala to random domestic chaos. For anyone who wants to know the real Alexandra Shulman, to really understand what it is like to be a fashion editor, to run one of the most successful magazines then this book is for you.
Vogue was her life but the magazine did not make Alexandra Shulman who she is, she made Vogue what it is today.

100 years of vogue


The Must Have Winter Coats for A/W 2017


As the leaves turn colour and the days become shorter we all know the best seasons are upon us. The Autumn/Winter season not only has the best events and festivities but it also has the best fashion! It is the season where looking stylish is effortless and it can all be done with your winter coat.
Here at AVID we have found you the best picks from the high street to fit any budget to add to your winter wardrobe collection.

At Next you can enter winter in luxury with this Check Camel Faux Fur Coat for £80

Image result for next check camel faux fur coat




Missguided is offering you the chance to feel like the elite of the fashion world with their black Cape Jacket £70 TAKE A LOOK

Black Cape Jacket





Enter the countryside lifestyle with Primark’s quilted Barbour jacket, you can grab this number on the high street for only £18! SHOP

Black Quilted Jacket




We all know faux fur is everything! So snap yourself up a great deal from H&M with their faux fur jacket at only £39.99 VIEW HERE

Faux fur jacket - Light beige - Ladies | H&M GB



New Look are currently having a huge sale and we have found this beautiful Black check waterfall duster jacket for only £17 SALE SHOP




Winter fashion can sometimes hide your body shape and leave you feeling bulky under all the layers but why not feel feminine with the ASOS skirted duffle coat for only £65 SHOP
Image result for asos skirted duffle coat



Stay classic with Boohoo’s double breasted wool look coat and have a choice of  colour with the different styles they offer for only £45 FIND IT HERE

Image result for boohoo natalie double breasted wool coat




Feel like royalty in Dorothy Perkins collection of faux fur collar coats, they have a range of colours and faux furs to match any outfit! Here at AVID we have voted this as our best buy especially when it is on sale for £44.25 SALE SHOP