Sophia Amoruso is an idol of mine, not for the free-spirited ‘badass’ character that is portrayed in the Netflix series or because she is involved in fashion, but because she works hard for her success.

Understandably the title does put some people off reading the book – or open the beginning of the bad reviews – due to the cliché nature of the statement. Plus the hashtag in some peoples eyes screams ‘millennial’ and somehow millennials have been subjected to being branded with some bad stereotypes surrounding our ideas about the world and about work.

However the book itself is a brilliant read, it’s enlightening, funny and definitely has its motivating moments. It’s a half bio/memoir, half amusing guide to how you can work hard and be successful creating something, whether that be for a business, a greater purpose or just for yourself. Her story is fascinating, how she can go from a high school drop out, unemployed dumpster diver to owning her own successful business and now also being the founder of GirlBoss, a foundation and media base with everything for the working woman within the creative sector. Seriously girls… go check it out!

By no means is this book a story of success that everyone can follow, it definitely does not encourage dropping out of school – Sophia herself is always encouraging people to NOT follow her early steps – as amusing as her antics are.
Her book is not about a quick rich scheme or going about working on your own, it’s about how she found something she loved, and worked hard turning it into something amazing and all the great life and working lessons she learned along the way.


Because of the not so great Netflix viewings (I for one loved the series) and the type of person people assume Sophia Amoruso is due to her past and character portrayal in Netflix, people are quick to judge and throw out the bad reviews about the clichés, the millennial feel to the story, the fact that Nasty Gal had to be bought out but I feel they’ve missed the whole point of the book itself!

From the Netflix series the character is portrayed as a pouty, swearing young girl who seems to get lucky and get away with the things she has done in the past, however remember this is a drama and only uses the idea of the story to make the show, they don’t follow it fact for fact. The real story is about how a young girl didn’t enjoy and didn’t quite fit to the ‘social norm’ that the education and work system expected at that time. Yet she found something she was good at doing, in her own way, in her own time. Because she found something she loved so much and found she was good at it she put all her time and effort into it. It shows how whether you have a brilliant education or no education at all if you’re willing to put in the work and the hours you can achieve success.

Vanity Fair has said about the story “you can’t exactly be an asshole genius if you’re not a genius to begin with” but she never admits to knowing anything, Sophia openly talks about how she had to learn it all along the way, making mistakes and changing strategies. She had no education or understanding of business when she started but because she trough herself into every aspect of how a business works she now understand the best ways to run it, so they couldn’t be further away from what her story and her book is about.

In current times women are standing up for themselves, making leaps in careers, working hard and doing it for themselves. This book should be celebrated because she is promoting women working hard and being recognised for that. That is what a GIRLBOSS is being about. Its educating yourself, getting involved, setting goals, working hard and being recognised for your work and determination.

Being a GIRLBOSS isn’t fashion and sass, its about leading, being a feminist, equality, knowing when to play by the rules and when to push the boundaries to make strides in your career, personal life or within the world.

Her book is about finding that thing you love, that thing that doesn’t make work feel like working and if you’re good at it, then make something of it and make yourself proud.

Inside Vogue: Book Review

Alexandra Shulman is a real inspiration of mine, if I could spend a day in anyone’s shoes it would be hers. I would highly recommend this book to any fashionista, writer, entrepreneur, woman, man or Vogue enthusiast – basically everyone.
Even though she is in the heart of the fashion world she is most definitely a journalist above everything else. She is less cliche in her writing and more rich, honest and too the point, she writes with sophistication but that said you can feel the warmth and the heart she puts into her work and her writing.

She knows her readers, understands the market and most importantly she understands the heritage of Vogue. Her life seems to be a whirlwind of meetings and dinners, fashion shows and events; it all seems so exciting and Vogue is a serious passion of hers but you can also see the amount of work, time and thought she dedicates to Vogue.
You join her for the emotional ride that is Vogue’s 100th year and you really feel part of the process, from planning the gala to random domestic chaos. For anyone who wants to know the real Alexandra Shulman, to really understand what it is like to be a fashion editor, to run one of the most successful magazines then this book is for you.
Vogue was her life but the magazine did not make Alexandra Shulman who she is, she made Vogue what it is today.

100 years of vogue