Pinspiration 06.02.18

This week my pins have reflected quite a basic pallet, there have been a lot of whites and pastel colours.  It’s like a fresh start on my pinterest. January is not a month for fresh starts and resolutions, everyone is tired, skint and more often than not have a few extra pounds from Christmas. The days feels long and we live in the dark, its a sad side to winter. February is the better month to start fresh and start resolutions, when the day light returns, people seem to be back in routines and if they have taken a resolution they have either given up for good or finally got into the habit of it.

January is a trial month for the year, a month to figure out your routine again, February is where it all begins.

pinspiration 06.02.18

Pinspiration 16.01.18

This week has been a long week, and it’s only Tuesday! It’s the miserable part of winter (post Christmas) where its cold and dark with slush (not wonderful snow!) on the ground, back at work , it was even officially blue Monday yesterday.

All thats been on my mind has been getting home, putting on some knits and getting cosy. My pins this week have been driven by this feeling so here’s a sneak peak at what has been inspiring me this week.

pinspiration 16.01.18